Google Ad Words Quality Score Building

It is a very common fact that there is a quality score available for individual keywords in the Google keywords account. Actually this is the visibility score of visible keyword level. There is more to investigate the basic features and aspects how to gain an appreciable quality score. There are different types of Google quality scores as well as some misconception regarding this. I have structured this compact solution of Google quality score. • Different Types of Quality Score 1.Ad Group Quality Score: - Ad group quality score will help you determine where to make stress to build a better keyword score in the campaign. For example if you have a low quality score in a particular ad, but there is good ranking on the overall basis, it will be clear where you should make more pressure for a better score. If you are experiencing such issues, you must restructure the campaign. Restructuring your ad group will bring a better change in the account structure. 2.Account Level Quality Score: - This is related to the overall status of your account. It is the score of all the keywords and ads related to your account. If you have a number of low quality scored keywords or CTRs, there will be an impact of account level quality score. On the basis of the account level quality score, Google determines your site. There will be always a positive gain of such account which is aged and have a good historical value. If you are experiencing a bad quality score, you must attempt to restructure the account ads, instead of launching a new one. Different people have different opinions regarding low quality keywords. Some say to delete them permanently, where some say to pause such keywords for while. More over a keyword generally gains such score on the basis of search queries. So restructuring such keywords and re-launching them in a better way will be the solution of such issues. 3.Ad Level Quality Score: - If there is not an appreciable rate of score for the CTRs in your account of each ad, there will be an overall impact. This ad level quality score always determines the ad focusing capacity. A simple way to boost the quality or CTR score is to use dynamic keyword insertion. DKI ads are for showing user’s exact search query. A DKI ad will get more popularity than a non DKI ad. The reason is that it is more relevant to search query. Quality score determines the factor that your ads will show extension or not. If you want to take advantage of such extensions like site link, that will increase CTR, you should have a good quality score and a better bid. 4.Keyword Level Quality Score: - There is a scale to measure keyword with a number from 1-10. Here 1 is determined as poorer and 10 are determined as great. The ranking or score depend on the search query relevancy or the amount of matching between search queries and your keywords. Google generally determines the expression of such keywords and once you have gathered the impression, there will be a certain rise on ranking. If you have certain keywords with low quality score, you may implement the following :-

  • You have to better analyze impression sharing data to boost your quality score. Analyze the ad impression sharing and choose eligible appearance of your ads.
  • The keywords should not be too specific that they have been left far behind from the search queries. Use keyword research tools for structuring better keywords related to your site.
  • Try to launch keywords in specific phrases to get more visibility.
5.Landing Page Quality Score: - In case of landing page quality score, Google generally determines three major factors like quality and relevant content, navigability and transparency. You must check all of these before evaluating your landing page quality score. Google always make stresses on the sites so that the website owners understand the measures of making their site resourceful and useful. Though it has been named as landing page quality score, the impact always lays upon keyword quality score. 6.Display Network Quality Score: - Display network quality score on the Google display network works quite differently than search network. You must use different ad types to improve DN quality score. Relative CTR is a basic calculation to set the metric. A low CTR quality score can severely hurt DN quality score. You must start the campaign by reviewing potential exclusions, site category exclusions and negative keywords impact. 7.Mobile Quality Score: - A few days earlier search meant only Google and a desktop screen, but now the picture has quietly changed. Now, anyone is searching for a data on mobile and deserves instant result. So, mobile quality score is quite important for ranking factor. You have to operate a different campaign for building both mobile and desktop quality score. If you have not gain a better mobile quality score, there may be an impact. Your ads should be well displayed on mobile screen and the same is an important matter. • The Necessity of Quality Score If you have not thought of quality score, you have be quite sure that your ads will be visible by the search users. In fact, it is an important matter to show your ads at a particular time and in a particular manner. Google always needs a surety that the users are watching your ads in a relevant manner. You have to aware that quality score along with cost per click determines the ad rank and the ad rank increases the chances of ad visibility. You must see the equation. CPC bid X Quality score = ad rank Another matter is that proper placement of your ad on Google display network. The ad rank formula for keyword targeted ad may be defined as follows. For considering ad rank Google always determine ad group quality score on the basis of Google display network visibility. Display network bid X Quality score = Ad rank Moreover ad ranks determine a site’s health success and health. If there is a low bid of quality score there me an uncertainty of the keywords to enter into an auction. So, you have to think better about such ad words quality score. • The Misconceptions Regarding Quality Score Now after understanding of the necessity I must discuss about some misconception regarding quality score.
  1. Match Type Alternation: - If you have used long phrase, broad and exact keywords you will have a same quality score as Google generally determines all such keywords on the basis of match type. Moreover changing a keyword type will not hamper your Google ad words quality score.
  2. Pausing of Ads or Keywords: - Ad words quality score may hamper if you have blocked any ads or keyword phrase. The reason behind this is that if the keywords are not active, they will not be able to enter into the auction. So, there will be no chance of quality score.
  3. Higher position effect quality score: - It is very clear that higher ranking always brings a better CTR. So there will be a better ad words quality scores if you have a higher ranking on Google search results.
  4. Rebuilding of low bid elements: - You have to aware that restructuring or deleting the elements on your account also erases the history of your site. So, there may a bad impact on ad words quality score. Sometimes, Google informs that you must delete the low performing keywords and ads as they are the matter of low quality score building.
• Quality Score Checklist If you are trying to find out the low quality score culprits, here are some measures. You must check it out. 1. If you have made any changes to landing pages and there are broken URLs, there may be a bad impact on quality score. There are several symbols which may cause the reasons of breakdown of URL structure. These are forward slashes, backward slashes, commas, apostrophes, ampersands, and parenthesis. 2. You must check your site speed in Google webmaster tool. If your page loading time exceeds the preferred time which is three seconds, you may have a bad quality score. 3. You must review the low click rates to be greater than 1.5%. 4. Use keyword dynamic insertion. 5. You ads must consist of relevant keywords. 6. You must operate frequent account audit. 7. Better thinking and strategies to launch tightly themed groups. 8. Make sure that the landing pages are search related and framed with proper keyword. So these are all about Google ad words quality score. This is one of the major factors to maintain a healthy and profitable website. Use the above tricks and launch a better one. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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