Google Adwords Versus Facebook Ads

The two most prominent platforms of online advertising are Google and Facebook. Since the beginning Google is the king of all, but at present the statistics is figuring out something different. Facebook ads are challenging Google adwords, because in most of the strategies both have them have the same features and facilities. This has brought a great confusion among the companies which platform is to choose for more effective business. In Google ad words using pay per click marketing you can have more exposure and business within your budget. In this case you have to know well the tricks and tips of automated and manual ad bidding. In Facebook also, with a cheap investment you can entertain wider conversion rate with the support of the followers and fans. There are different schemes launched by Facebook. As for example at present you can manage 1000 fans with an expense of $20 only. So, it is very evident that there is a huge similarity of posting ads between these two. Are there any hidden benefits of using each of these? This is the key point of this discussion. Just have a look. 1. Difference in Targeting System In this aspect there is a great difference between these two systems. Facebook can reach your post or ad to the potential visitors as there is an opportunity to filter and edit the type of visitors. In this way your ad can reach to the right kind of people which will widely fruitful. On the other hand Google has no option to find out what the people actually like. The only resource is relevancy. Google will show your ads on the related business pages that mean every kind of people because there is no scope of filtration. Moreover the ads will be shown with related contents. 2. Difference in Targeted People There is also a great difference in the ad creation process also. Facebook always targets the likes where ad words always focuses on keywords. On the basis of the same it is very clear that Facebook ads can target the right audience in better and easier way than Google ad words. 3. Demography and Keywords Targeting Facebook is aware of user’s location and if you are targeting an ad on geo basis Facebook will be the right platform because it has the guideline of the keywords what people prefer with the changing time as well as the exact location. The chances of the show to the right audience are quite high in Facebook. On the other hand Google adwords have no reference of the user’s location or what kinds of keywords they are interested in. 4. Image and Trust Building These tow platforms have different way to catch the attention of a user. If a user clicks on ad words, he/she has been directly brought to the landing page of the respective site. This landing page also consists of other related ads. Here comes the question of user’s satisfaction. On seeing the different ads the user may leave the page. This type of bounce click may hamper the Google search ranking. On Facebook the users see what the friends and followers share. Here is a better option to create a brand more trustworthy. When people see that others have liked the page, the site acts as a trustworthy one. So, comparatively Facebook has the better way to launch a reliable ad which can build a better brand image of a site. 5. Overall Comparison of Both To make a bold comparison one needs some practical aspects of using both. According to a user he used both to highlight and promote his company which was providing online support like SEO, Online marketing Strategies, Business planning, etc. The experience was better with Facebook ads. The reason was defined that he was able to specify the target market like the new commercial and private firms who were seeking an effective support to launch and optimize their website. The Facebook page’s special feature the Like button has brought a revolution in the world of sharing. Through this the well handled CPC campaigns have brought more improved CTRs. More over Facebook has been operating as a more optimized one than Facebook. 6. Least Costly Image It is very true that designing a proper and worthy ad is costly in the both platforms. But if you opt for a preplanned and the right path your ad will be launched in better way. There are several types of ad strategy or bidding option in Facebook. Just have looks:- i. CPM: - It is cost of 1000 impressions and you have to pay on the basis of competition for the same audience and placement. ii. OCPM: - It is the optimized cost for 1000 audience. You may name it as the automated bidding policy as ad words. The bid depends upon the competition and your visibility will increase if you have the top bidding rate. iii. CPC: - The most common strategy. As Google ad words there will be an average rate of posting ads and the same depends upon the keyword bidding. How much click your ad will have the same you have to pay. According to the marketers, this is the efficient way of marketing as the clients have to pay on the basis of click performance. Conclusion: - However, the basic thing is that a Google ad can reach to the people when they are searching something. On the other hand Facebook can target the entire society at a glance as everyone is linked the social sites. The process of advertising has become more time saving and effective through the platform of Facebook ads.

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