Google Says Longer Mobile Load Times Increases Bounce Rate of the Website

Google Says Longer Mobile Load Times Increases Bounce Rate of the Website

In this 21st century landscape, marketing and promotion on the digital platform is essential to obtain productive outcomes in a business within a shorter period of time. These days, the online podium has become the most competitive places for creating a strong brand identity among the target number of customers. This emphasizes every business to be equipped with the required amount of knowledge about online promotion and marketing so as to attract greater number of visitors into the website.

One of the most important factors that affect the ranking of the website is high bounce rates. Bounce rates basically means greater number of audiences moving out of the website. This is the reason that most of the topmost digital marketing companies in India try to optimize the websites in a way so as to experience lower amount of bounce rates. There are many elements that play a pivotal role for experiencing high bounce rates. One of them is slower loading time. A website with slower loading time tends to have greater amount of bounce rates.


As per the latest analysis made by Google in 2017, if your page load time reduces from one second to seven second, the website experiences 113% increase in its bounce rates. This means that a greater number of audiences are opting out of your website due to slower loading time. This emphasizes to the fact that slower website loading time plays an important role in reducing the amount of bounce rates in a website. Due to this reason, more and more website optimizers attempt to increase the loading speed of the website so as to reduce bounce rates.

Having a look into the latest analysis provided by Google, you can conclude that in the process of optimizing a website, it is essential that you pay distinctive amount of concentration on the page load time so as to reduce bounce rates and drive traffic into the website.

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