Google Tightens the Belt for SEO. But how much?


In order to measure how much loose and tight the belt is, try to foresee whether Google is really in a mood to say goodbye to SEO. Many people may be in a mood of acceptance. It’s being bolstered with lots of algo updates rolling out, recently and during the recent past years. As per them, SEO is going to gradually enter a stupor state.

Taking their views (rather say, apprehension) seriously. But did Google anywhere prefigure it? Does a “goodbye to autocomplete API” mean it really? Google clearly said the Autocomplete API ‘doesn’t provide meaningful user benefit’, hence it’s wise according to them to shut down it. As an alternative, they are having Google Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Okay, the actual reason behind all these may be that Google wants to increase good user experience about using Google. This is obvious, and this all legitimate SEO methods follow sincerely. What is clear with their decision is they want doing away with ‘too much keyword insights.’ Google may be making this move to get more specific data from the people who search and maybe to provide more accurate statistics keyword planner. Anyway, we must wait what it gives to SEM and that we are to deal with them accordingly.

But, this doesn’t prove in any way that Google is turning back from SEO. It doesn’t. Had it been so, it wouldn’t have put up SEO hiring notice. But, no one can’t deny the fact that Google devalues any tool benefiting SEO much more than AdWords. Isn’t this a trend monopolizing the search? Yes, there is no doubt about it.

As long as organic search is to go, it has to do and follow those strategies, giving them rise over all bottlenecks. What Google is doing is really bad thing for SEM but that could be good thing for SEO the other way around. Why? It is because SEO moves forward to user search that reduces the Ads in SERP and up in the organic results.

Since most of the SEO benchmark is not compiled in the Google’s autocomplete feature, Google might have decided to put an end to Autocomplete API and put up this business model to frame more strategy to develop bring results, with an indication to tag the data and count as a benchmark feature.

By all means, Google is hell-bent to safeguard its AdWords strategy. The recent hiring ad for SEO professionals by Google indicates Google needs an SEO department, or maybe very honestly, an information architecture department and a usability department. So, it is evident that Google is in position to do away with the importance of SEO.

What it may want doing so is to curb dependency on SEO community, which doesn’t mean divorcing itself from SEO in any way. This is where the point of tightening the belt comes at. On the other way, why don’t you keep trying to un-tighten the belt in order to remain search relevant?


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