How Machine Learning Is Impacting Google’s Search Engine Algorithms?

How Machine Learning Is Impacting Google’s Search Engine Algorithms?

In the 21st century economy digitization is the buzzword of every business or enterprise. Each and every corporate firm is striving hard to become more digitized and make the required business transformations that help them achieve growth and increased productivity. Digitization being so integral to the business world makes it necessary for us to take a look at its very core aspects in a little more depth. So, what is digitization? “Digitization in simple words refers to the process that converts the analog information like text, photographs, voice, etc., into the digital formats with appropriate electronic devices like scanners or specialized computer chips.” It is a programming method that enables computers or machines to understand the human language. The revolutionary process of digitization is happening all around us for years but the core concepts of its processes has been introduced in the recent times with the evolution of artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Today, all businesses whether small, mid-size or large tend to market their products and services on the digital platform. For marketing on the digital platform, the marketers adapt various strategic programmatic techniques. One of such techniques is search engine optimization. The process of search engine optimization aims to help a website rank higher on the top SERP results. By making the website rank higher the business generate more traffic and leads. SEO practices largely rely on the search engine algorithms. Due to this fact it is widely considered that artificial intelligence or virtual machine operations are going to impact the current SEO processes quite strongly. The top SEO consulting firms in India are very much aware about this shift in the search engine algorithms and making themselves more acquainted with the newer techniques of virtual transformations.

What is Machine learning or Virtual transformations?

Machine learning is basically a science of self-programming computers. It is a method by which the computers understand the human language without being explicitly programmed for the same.

By definition: “It is a type of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn about human languages without being explicitly programmed to do so.”

Though, it is generally said that machine learning or Al do not require any pre-programming for understanding human languages. But still, this self-programming nature of AI also requires some high-level programming and inputs by human beings.

How Machine Learning Impacts the Search Engine Optimization Process?

Machine learning tends to impact SEO by making changes in Google algorithms. In fact, it is been highly considered that machine learning is the third most significant factor of Google’s algorithm. Changes in the search engine algorithms of Google have a significant impact on search engine optimization processes.

In the upcoming days, the search engine is gradually going to experience some impeccable changes that in turn will make a direct impact on SEO.

So, looking into these ongoing changes, it is highly recommended to the SEO experts to remain themselves updated with the current artificial intelligence changes or machine learning formats so as to face lesser difficulty in coping up with the change.

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