How to Bring a Larger Traffic to Your Website?

In the world of web the competition in the field of SEO process has reached at a sky scrapping limit. The question is why there is such a tough completion. The answer is to secure a better place on the organic search results. There are a lot of mediums of advertising to attract more traffic to your site. You may also sending millions behind this. Today I am going to discuss how to make your marketing campaign more fruitful without spending single paisa. It will be based upon SEO and Quality content strategy. You may have a new domain or you have launched your presence few months earlier. You must have a look below to determine the facts how it is possible to gather larger traffic in a short period of time:- 1. Keyword Database Strategy: - The first thing is that building a keyword database. You may point out the 100 ranking URLs to survey and make your strong keyword database. There are several online tools that may be used to check the effectiveness of the keywords. Put the keywords at proper places and the traffic will be all yours. In this concern the aspects of long tail keyword should have to be mentioned. A long tail keyword will make your content more informative as well as it will provide the users definite search results which they are in a search of. More importantly you should have a frequent watch and analysis which keyword is bringing the traffic. 2. Conversations on Your Site: - Adopting this method you will be the centre of attraction without investing money. First you have to frame a forum or a blog section which will be the archives of your queries from the users as well their concerns. It will reflect the demand and status of your service and product and the users will consider you more active and supportive. By promoting your blog post or by linking more links to the post you can attract more traffic. Whenever you are about to post anything mentions a referral of the other posts. This helps the readers to find out the other ones increasing time on sites and conversion rate. 3. Social Networking Sites: - Not only on the blog or forum communities, but your blog posts on the social sites can share your presence to the billions at a glance. You may start a Facebook or Linked In group regarding the discussion of you site and services. This will publish your site and advertise your posts like a leading newspaper. Except your blog section you must join other blogging communities to ventilate your responses regarding the discussed issues. This will increase back links followed by more traffic and potential visitors. 4. Content Strategy: - A content focused website or project always needs quality articles for better business. At the time of launching your site you must have posted blog contents and information about your site. Now, try to analyze the contents if they are fruitful to the readers or not. Are the visitors and readers of the same satisfied with your launch? If not, then what are they deserving? Try to understand and point out what type of content the visitors are fond of. The implementation of such content will stabilize the spending time of the potential customers. You also should have to know the preferred font and colors, the readers deserve. Not only at the time of launching, but these factors will be under surveillance and should be optimized by combing through the older post to be sure that they have unique URLs, proper Meta words and title tags. This is the basic step of the process and after you have realized that there is an increase of time on site, pages per visit and more traffic though direct or unbranded way, you may change attention to other factors. 5. Important Fundamentals of SEO: - Though all these measures are categorized in the process of SEO, there are some special measures which are to be opted. First keep in mind that your website has the crawling features that means the structure and the quality contents should be easily indexed by the search engines. It must be scalable also that you can enlarge the same according to your desire. Finally, tiered concept means your URLs will be in a ideal format that may demonstrates the pages and can provide the information to the users what steps they have made to reach the destination page i.e. location specific directory. 6. Choosing of the Proper Platform: - Among the several above project requirements, it is the content which will bring the targeted traffic. There may be as issue of fake traffic or robot traffic. But they cannot feel the quality content. It is potential readers who can measure the quality and will be the reason of bringing more potential readers increasing the traffic. 7. Add your blogs to the largest blog directories and always try to respond the queries as early as possible. This will strengthen the relationship between you and the users. Another medium may mentioned as Twitter. Whenever you are posting anything on Twitter, do not forget to mention the influencers or the potential users of your site. This will motivate them to share your post on a larger scale. 8. Frequently add your posts to Triberr, Technorati, Alltop, etc. 9. You must be in touch with the sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc and respond to the queries made by the users. Your answering will attract them to tour site with more interest. 10. Join the industry pages related to your product or service on the social sites like Facebook and Linked In. 11. Invite renowned bloggers to make blog posts on your site. 12. Whenever a user is getting into your site, it is the headlines and focused articles seen by him/her. So, it is very velar that you have to make the headlines of high quality and catchy. At the initial stage you must have marked the 100 top ranking URLs. Now analyze the headlines and titles of the site and it will bring a clear concept to produce like the same for your site. 13. Widen the network of blogging by joining the blogging communities like Problogger or Copyblogger. 14. Choosing your host: - You have designed your website better with quality content and information architecture. But on the web you have found that the site is not performing well. The loading speed is too low and creating unsatisfactory concerns for the users. So, you have to be more alert before choosing your host, otherwise while loading your large content pages there will be a repeated message that the request is timed out. 15. FAQ: - Some of the readers may be in a complication that these steps can be used repeatedly for the same site or not. The answer is positive. Here is an analysis of a site and the status of the traffic in a term of two years. At the initial stage the traffic was at a mediocre position. It takes few times for the implementation of the preplanned strategies and also the ongoing ones. After six months the picture was like this. When after 15 months the picture was same and at a stable position, the process has been re-launched. The status below will clearly define you what was the result at the end of two years. So these are all about the tricks to bring millions of traffic to your site in quickest possible time. Try to plan the strategies before launching your site and make a watch on the implementation process. The results will be in front of you. Leave your responses for better ways.

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