How to Frame Meta Descriptions for Better Click Through

Consequently on 2007 and 2009 Google has alerted the webmasters that there is no impact of Meta description over ranking. Besides that Google has recommended the final word and that is “use quality descriptions.” This sounds quite different. It is not possible that there is nothing about Meta descriptions and if there is something how much important is that? On the basis of my own experience I have structured this article that clearly conveys that there is not a little importance of Meta descriptions in SEO, but some quality descriptions are the key solution to bring more and more click throughs. What is the Role of Quality Descriptions in SEO? There is a great role of Meta descriptions in SEO and if the related factors are analyzed well the picture will be clearer. The motto of this article is to make you write some killer Meta descriptions and once you experience the change the operation will improve further. There are some basic factors of Meta description that are related to search ranking
  • User behavior is a great factor into search algorithm while the content of Meta description has no such issues.
  • Meta description is the key reason to improve click through rates.
  • Click through rate is one of the major determining factors of search algorithm.
i. How User Behavior Works into Search Algorithm: - There are many ranking factors involved in a site and search algorithm treats them in different manners. In this concern you should not forget the user behavior. According to Google analytics, Google is measuring user behavior in a better way and in case of demographic information there is the same impact. There is no doubt that location basis search results are totally dependent upon user’s activities. If a user is searching for “weather” in Kolkata, he/she will get the result at a glance and that is the weather report of Kolkata. In this case the user does not have to mention the name of a place or to log in into the Google account.

On the same time another user is searching for the same query in Australia and there will be the weather report of the respective place without entering the location. So, this type of user’s interaction is measured by the ranking algorithm. ii. Meta Descriptions and CTR: - Meta description and CTR have a correlation, specifically Meta description controls the CTR. Click through rate is totally dependent upon user behavior. If a user finds a respective site as valuable, then there will be a click The experienced searchers do not make a entry into site without knowing what is the resources available into the respective sites. It is the snippet that is imported by Google from the Meta description of the result pages. The user satisfaction will come with the relevancy of the site’s result and it is the quality and precise Meta description that may proper illustrate the page materials to the users. In this concern you have to know that sometimes Google can omit your Meta description, but when? If the knowledge graph found any relevancy with the search with another part of your page content except the Meta description, then the same will be displayed by Google. So, it is very clear that there is a co-relation between Meta description and knowledge graph and it is totally lie upon the user behavior. However, beyond of knowledge graph information and rich description there are some other factors that that also handle a SERP entry. Those are page title, page URL and page description.

These three measures are also important to increase click through rates, but here the stress is most over the 160 characters being the major attraction of a snippet. iii. How Click Through Rate Makes Better Ranking: - Google has a patent that shows the algorithm on how to determine if the CTR has been influenced. So, it is very clear that Google can find on the basis of the CTR how efficient the site is. If a user finds something relevant on the snippet, then there will be a click otherwise not. When Google will find that your site is able to satisfy maximum users’ .i.e. more click through, you will be appreciated with better position on SERP. Moreover, whole the process has been operated through this specific channel. A better Meta description determines CTR and CTR constitute the fact that the respective site has a good match to query. The leading search engine like Google or Bing is using these clues to score a site.

How to Make Some Quality Meta Descriptions?  1. Be Informative: - Your page may have many articles and contents, but you have to convey them all within 160 characters. The expertise of this job will determine the success. If you can describe the page in few words, the user will get the precise information and the snippet will be more informative. 2. Be Convincing: - Since you have few words to tell the users about your site detail, make a calling approach. It is not like a “call to action button”, but the approach should be incorporated that the users make visit of your site. 3. Use Proper Wordings and Pattern: - You have to make sure that the language used in the description should be simple and legible. A user needs information faster. So, if you cannot make understand the user what you are conveying, everything will be in vain. 4. Use Correct Length and Guidelines: - Google cannot process your Meta description if it overlaps the maximum limit of characters. Now the character limit is 154 maximum and the guidelines will make you understand that a Meta description is quite different from framing a title tag or page headline.
  • Conclusion
So these are all about Meta descriptions and its effectiveness to attract more clicks on your site. If you have understood the fundamentals start the campaign for some killer Meta descriptions. Your valuable comments will make the article more compact. So do not forget to leave your response. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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