How to Optimize Your Magento Store?

The social sites have made it possible to advertise your e-commerce site to the millions at a glance. But according to a stat it is very clear that users prefer to visit an e-commerce site through Google search, then going through a preference of a social site. So, it is very necessary to make your website visible to the potential buyers through search results to enhance your business. Most of the business firms are always in search of some new techniques how to increase visibility and search engine ranking. In this apprehension Magento has established its impact especially for the ecommerce sites and online stores. In this framework an e-commerce site can be customized or modified for a better approach. Though the technique is popularly known as search engine optimizations, there are several customization tricks to form a fruitful e-commerce site. At first you have to install the latest version of Magento then just have a look on the following.  1.     Editing of product names and references You must edit your product names in a proper way to make understand the customers in detail about the product. If the description of the products cannot make the customer satisfied, the purchase will not be operated. 2.     Quality blog content To bring more traffic to your Magento store you must upload quality content. If the buyers determine you worthy, the transaction will be made. Instead of giving only product descriptions, you must be in touch of your service and topics on several renowned products. This will maintain a good reputation and demand on the web. 3.     Product reviews Responses to your products will attract new customers. Always ask and try to entertain the existing customers to leave their response or review comment for the products they have purchased. This will be a kind of goodwill certificate for your Magento store. 4.     Importance of Meta description and titles On the search results it is the Meta title or description which initially appear to the visitors. So, try to present them in proper manner that should satisfy the user on the search page followed by a entry to your site. 5.     Major SEO techniques for Magento site. There are several measures for the customization of an e-commerce site.                i. System => Configuration => Web => Search Engines Optimization To make the search engine friendly URLs, in the Search Engine Optimization Menu, change the ‘’Server URL rewrites option’’ to ‘’Yes’’ to remove ‘index.php’.

In the URL option, choose No option in “Add Store Code to URLS” to make    sure that store codes are not be merged with URLs.

            iiSystem => Configuration => Catalog => Search Engine Optimization            To avoid duplication in URLs set “Use Categories Path for Product URLs” to “No’’

            iiiSystem => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads                     Change the “Default Robots” setting to “INDEX, FOLLOW” so that search engines can index your website and show it in search results.

In the “Default Title” and “Default Description” boxes, write the default title and description that you want your pages to have just in case you forget to write a title and description when creating a page. This will ensure that no page has blank information, which would make it more difficult to index.             iv. Magento may generate duplicate contents when you are using the same       product in different categories. Set the “Canonical Link Meta Tag” fields to “Yes” to avoid such measures.

           v. While adding a new product, page or category create a “URL Key” . In this way your URLs will become more search engine friendly.

          viSystem => Configuration => Google Sitemap  Modify your site map settings whenever you are adding a new product page or category, so that your sitemap can include the new additions.

        viiSystem => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads    Through this path you can add “Google Webmaster Verification tag” in Magento. 


       viiiSystem => Configuration => Google API Through this path you have to enable “Google Analytics” 6.     Structure of CMS pages Use the important CMS pages along with landing pages effectively. Do not forget to use rich keywords, better images and videos to present your business in an exceptional way. The rich keywords are things which bring traffic, so do not ignore them. 7.      Loading speed: - This is a major factor as the users are always not always available on high configured devices. So, make sure about the fact that your Magento site will be accessed fast from any kind of devices. Now many users are using smart phones and i-phones. Try to manage enhancing of mobile page speed and visibility of your site in these gadgets properly. So these are all about Magento e-commerce. Try to implement all these to experience a better business and more increasing traffic to your e-store. Do not forget to share your experience.

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