How to Promote a New Blog Post?

Creating a valuable blog post or content is not enough to get the success. If people cannot find you and your post, how they will be aware of your effort. To gain a readership there are several aspects available in the world of Web. I have compiled here only the efficient ones. If you are a blogger and wish for more readers and sharing of your blog, you must go through this article.
  • Some top sources of website traffic: - If your site can invite more and more traffic, your blog post will get more exposure. According to a stat of 2014, the top referral sources of website traffic are as follow.
  1.  Facebook
  2.  Google+
  3.  Twitter
  4.  Linked In
  5.  Triberr
  6.  Pinterest
  7.  Biz Sugar
  8.  Stumble Upon
  • Social sharing buttons: - If you get a reader, you have to deserve more and more for the popularity. Social platforms are the best medium for wider exposure of any promotion. I suggest you placing social sharing buttons on your blog, so that the readers should not have to find the medium of sharing if he/she likes the post. You must present the visual image of popularity with reference to Facebook or Linked-In sharing buttons. Always try to use larger social sharing icons or buttons that is easily discoverable. Now, think about the placement that may be at the top, at the bottom, at the right or at the left. You have to choose the more suitable point that the visitors find it easily clickable. You should try to monitor social sharing numbers frequently by placing social buttons on different positions.
  • XML sitemap: - XML is a programming language that is similar to HTML. The search engines like Google and Bing, Yahoo can easily read content and directory structure and you must update the same after launching new content. This is the way that you can send the notification that you have made a post.
  • Google+ sharing: - Using a Google+ widget, you can get the dialogue box where you should put the update. This update to Google+ share will include image, title and description. Along with the article you must put a short description about the article and a discussion with related question may bring more popularity and exposure of the blog. Moreover, when the readers come to your blog they should know that you have a new activity. In case of updates, I may suggest using a new status update before placing a new link for the new blog post.
  • Sharing to Linked In groups: - Similar to Goggle+, the Linked In post should carry a tile, image and description while posting the article. Linked In is famous for potential users, so you have to be sure about the fact that you are posting quality content. You must choose proper and relevant groups so that a better discussion may start. In Linked In groups there is a vital task of the moderator. Your post may be reported as a spam as well as be promoted. Moreover, to start the conversation after posting, the article must be approved by a moderator. Finally, specific groups should be chosen for better promotion of articles. The important factor is that you have to earn group authority first and then try to share few valuable posts with your group. If you are unable to achieve authority and trust of the Group moderator or group members you will be considered spammer.
  • Twitter sharing: - In case of Twitter there must be the usages of Hashtags, as it will bring more exposure with related search. You should use time variation in tweets throughout the day to engage more users and followers. While sharing try to target separate timing of day to target different section of audiences and this is an important part of twitter marketing.
  • Sharing to Facebook groups: - Facebook has the largest channel of sharing. In this concern I have to mention that that most of the engagements are made by friends and Family. So, sharing a post with friends and family may bring little exposure instead of the groups. Here, I suggest using the Facebook groups instead of personal sharing.
  • Sharing to Google notification circle: - Though this is also a part of the Google+ sharing, I have placed it separately for an additional instance. You may have a notification circle and there must be hundreds of people following. Sharing to the Google+ notification circle, all the followers will get the notification of the new blog post.
  • Sharing to MySpace, StumbleUpon, Bebo, Diigo, Viadeo and Google bookmarks: - These third tier social networks have little capacity to bring a better exposure. The new MySpace has changed its appearance and does not allow link sharing. I have used all these platforms and after posting few blogs I have understood that I will not get significant traffic from these social sites.
  • Sharing to Reddit, Newsvine and Slashdot: - If you are writing news related articles, you must the relevant platforms like Newsvine or Slashdot. These sources are the archives or news. In this concern I will appreciate Reddit than the rest of the two. I have gathered a better experience using Reddit as a news posting site.
  • Sharing to Pinterest: - Most of the readers as well as the bloggers are eager to pin in Pinterest and that is the reason the posts are getting more and more exposure. There are several boards and I Suggest specifying your field. You should take the membership of several others shared boards. In case of pinning strategy. Creating of more specific and relevant boards may bring more pining and promotion. Another thing is usages of better images for pins as well as for the boards.
  • Try to create your own Pinterest board: - You should share your contents along with other top rated contents related to same category. By sharing top rated other content you will be popular along with your board eventually. Now you can share your content on that board bringing more traffic due to your pinterest board popularity.
  • Posting on My Scoop: - To find some great content or B2B marketing My Scoop is the famous one. You should have to be sure that your articles are listed and available for the visitors.  After scooping a story there will be options to share the same on the other social sites like Facebook or Linked In. In this concern I want to warn that you must refine the sources while using
  • Post to Do Splash and Biz Sugar: - These two are amazing and can bring more in the field of technology and business. People always find here something new. In Do Splash there are varieties of news whereas Biz Sugar deals with technology and business. Moreover, these two blog sites have potential readers and you may achieve a better sharing and promotion of your blog post.
  • Sharing of images to Instagram: - According to the many bloggers, using Instagram is less effective and has no positive outcome. In my opinion if the operation is done on a regular basis there will be a better exposure than social media. After publishing your post bring the same to your smart phone or tablet and download the blog image. Now you should open Instagram and share it. There must be a description and CTA button on the sharing. The CTA will be set up to your profile and blog site and this will call the readers.
  • Pinwoot: - Sharing through Pinwoot will be a better idea. The basis of Pinwoot is the seeds and you may get the seeds of following people. By repining their seeds you will achieve more pins. To operate this you should enter into your Pinterest account, copy the URL of the blog post you want to promote and put that in Pinwoot. This is popularly known as reciprocal sharing.
  • Triberr: - Triberr generally imports the new posts and you must check twice daily to find or review the blog posts that are selected. The selected posts must be shared.
  • Justretweet: - Another reciprocating platform through which you should submit a tweet for other followers or people to retweet. This will bring more cost points and exposure.
  • Ping: - This is a better app to notify 35+ sites that your blog has a new post. Use Ping to notify sites including Yahoo and Feed Burner.
  • Make a campaign on Empire Avenue: - First, you have to make an Empire Avenue account and then you have to request the users to visit and share your blog posts to their own social networks. You should use Empire Avenue to create a gossip on Google+ that you have made a new post. It will be more effective than Facebook or Twitter if used properly. To spread your word on the social sites you must make a mission on Empire Avenue. There are create mission form that has to be filled carefully and you will get a better exposure through mission’s best practices.
  • Writer’s social: - Writer’s social is a free blog-site like Biz Sugar where you can post your blog posts or content for free. It will bring more exposure and publicity of your blog.
  • Sharing on Hootsuit and Buffer App: - You must use Hootsuit and Buffer App for blog posting to company profiles on Facebook, Google+ or Linked In. It will be better to share links on the company pages.
  • Youtube video or Podcast or Slide share presentation: - Besides all those sides share presentation or a Youtube video will be a better medium of exposure. You do not have to be a professional to upload videos on Youtube. Getting traffic from such presentation will be far easy. The first step is to sign up or make your profile. Now people must be aware of you, but how? Your profile should have regular transactions with groups and forums, commenting on blogs and Youtube videos, liking of other pages. Now, if you have done enough to promote your profile just upload your video content or slide share presentation. You have not to be worried about the exposure and promotion later.
  • Google+ Communities: - Google+ communities are other gatherings to share your post. You must follow the guidelines and ask the moderator about the characteristics of the post on the respective community. There will be common replies of the moderators that you should share or publish fresh and new contents that carry quality. If you share great contents, you will be an active member of the respective community.
Conclusion: - In case of brand recognition and sales the two names are most prominent and those are Google+ and Twitter. There is no doubt that each different platform has different kinds of audience. So, I am suggesting using all the platforms to promote your blog posts in a better way. I have compiled all of these from my own experience. This article will not be compact until you leave your responses and opinions. So, do not forget to place your comments. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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