How your Site Ranks High on Google without Optimization?

I have often found that sometimes few sites rank high though they are not optimized for search-engines. I was confused about the same and after a little bit research the solution finally appears. Here, I am going to discuss the aspects that can make possible a website at the top without further optimization.

  • Back Link: - In case of back link Google is highly alert. If you have managed a better link building, then you have less need of optimization for ranking. In this concern you have to keep in mind that the total numbers of back links only do not matter, but Google is also aware of authority and relevancy. The added benefits will be there if you have linked with .edu or .gov extensions. I have explored the fact that the websites ranking well without optimization have some quality internal links and this has better established the personality of the respective site.

Moreover, link relevancy is further necessary. If you are running a restaurant, do not make a link with a shoe manufacturing site. It will be a bad remark from Google and you will see a downfall.

  • Click Through Rate: - CTR or Click through rate is another margin that Google appreciate most. CTR is basically the calculation of traffic that visits your website or a page. If more and more people are entering your site on the basis of search query that you rank for, Google will understand that people are satisfied with your site. There is no doubt that Google’s algorithm is always active and trying to specify the practical situation and for the same it is not the only matter of CTR, but if people are returning back from your site and you are exploring bounce rates, then there will be a sure downfall.

 After a little research, I have managed the following stat table that will clear the picture.

  • Age: - Age is an important factor to be at the top. Aged sites have more back links as well as other resources and for the same reason such sites are active for several years. Undoubtedly such websites receive additional stress from Google.

It is practically proved that after launching a new website and managing high quality content and back links, it will be impossible to get more appreciation than an older site. So, in this issue there is nothing to do much, but be patient and watch.

  • Quality Content: - Content is the king since the beginning and after the inauguration of Google panda, Google is punishing thin content web sites. Some older and well ranking sites have this feature. They always carry some quality contents. Google has special measures to evaluate them. The contents are generally put under comparison with other sites and if you can survive, you are at the top.

  • Growth Rate: - If you are trying your best to get the top, you will launch a bunch of quality contents as well as tons of back links. Google has also kept this pace under surveillance. The appreciable manner is to grow in a limited speed and for the same reason older sites are able to hold the top positions for a longer time.

  • Competitive Keywords: - If you are wishing for rank using such keywords those are often used by the users. You have to optimize your site using the high competitive keywords those are frequently searched. This is the way to come under observation of Google. If you are not observed by Google your resources and quality will not be evaluated for ranking.

  • Internal Linking: - Cross linking is especially internal link building. If you can weave a better web within your own site and the internal pages are well linked with each other, there will be a sure gain in ranking. Without using cross linking some of your pages will remain untouched. So, for a better overall ranking, cross linking is also necessary.

  • Conclusion: - So, these are all about the hidden aspects for web sites that cause high ranking on Google without any kind of optimization effort. What do you think? Have you discovered yet? Do not forget to leave your valuable opinions to make this article more resourceful.

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