It’s Not the Matter of SEO Only

It was the matter of few days earlier that we used to launch better Meta keywords and descriptions to make a better look of our site that Google could easily point out that, but the picture has been changed. Now these practices of SEO are not quite enough to have a better impression of the search engine especially on Google. At present, a good look of your site is not the reason of better ranking and visibility. There are several other factors that will determine your site’s health and status. Here, I am going to discuss these valuable procedures. You must have a look.
  • More Stress on Content: - People, actually the search users are always in a need of quality and desirable articles that should be effective and valuable for them. There was a time when contents were not focused for visibility or website’s health, but nowadays users are aware of the fact that they should focus on quality content. That is the reason that Google now considers a site on the basis of quality content.  The fact is very common. Suppose a user has visited your site and have not found anything valuable or resourceful on your site. He/she will surely omit your site in near future. Google has understood the factor. There are some measures that I have found for quality content. You must have a look over that.
  1. Contents must be relevant to your site.
  2. Reflection of social issues.
  3. Contents must be fresh and timely updated.
  4. Contents must have a touch with social products of Google like Google+ or YouTube.
  • In-Stead of Write Ups: - There are another factors in-stead of quality write-ups which help bring and attract more visitors. These are like :-
  1. Images and videos: - These are the two important things which work better than a content. If you can use better images and videos along with description, it will be a better presentation. The users can feel the content better in an infographic mode.
  2. Animated games: - Short funny videos are also attractive for a special group of users.
  3. Animation: - Different animations and graphics can be used on popular and recent social issues.
  4. Podcasting: - A variable audio file along with a small description will be a better informative digital content and a source of attraction.
Moreover such digital contents on a landing page or home page will force the visitors to find what else worthier contents your site contains.
  • Brands are Always Appreciable: - Not only Google, but everyone nowadays are in a search of a better and renowned brand. So, to compete the higher brands on the search results you have to use similar type of keywords and Meta words to prove your visibility on the search results that you have also valuable and worthy content on your site. Moreover, brand building has become one of the important factors for better visibility especially for the small businesses. This theory is mandatory for especially small business firms. In this concern you have to connected with other popular brands and commenting. Through this you will get some well known brands for interactions and popularity like them. This is a better way to bring the attention of the search users on your site and product.
  • Comment Marketing: - This is another way of exposure. There are several CMSs and after registration there will be a generated snap and author bio. Whenever anyone is discovering such posts and comment he/she is better understanding the blogger’s registration as such blogs are always reflecting the respective snap and author’s bio. Nowadays comment marketing has become one the most popular channels of publicity.
  • Updating of Google Algorithm and Several Changes: - There was a time when SEO was constant and static for a better position on search results. But the inclusion of different tools like Google panda and penguin has changed the image. Now there are several factors to be determined to have a better rank and visibility on Google search. After that there was the inclusion of Google place and Google + to provide the users a better search result. Moreover, it is the time to maintain a constant quality and effort for fresh content to get a better place on Google search ranking algorithm beyond of traditional SEO.
  • People have a Special Attraction on Social Issues: - Nowadays there is a strong impact of social media over the people to determine your site. After all we are social creatures and on the web the practice is same. Blogging and focusing through several social networking sites may better increase your visibility.  So, you have try constantly to share your content through such social sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or other traditional channels to have a better exposure on the world of Web. In this concern I may mention the names of Reddit and pinterest as sometimes these two brings more organic visitors than Google.
  • Forum Participation and Guest Blogging: - There are several forums and blogs related to your service or products. You may better participate such forums and guest blogging for better exposure. You should be touched with such threads which have relevancy with your product. This will help you increase visibility. Another thing is that local citation or enrollment in the local business directory of your sites. This will place you in front of millions of visitors who are making a local search relevant to your site.
So, these are all about the techniques of a better optimization of your site beyond of SEO. Instead of all these there are some more minor factors.  Along with common process you must implement all of these. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

By Professional qualification a Computer Engineer, By Profession an Online Marketing Strategist and Web Application Development Expert, By Industry position working as a CEO at Zebra Techies Solution!