How to Manage Your Website After a Major Google Algorithm Update?


Everything keeps changing in the world of SEO. For around 500 to 600 times every year, Google changes its search algorithm. Google algorithm is a tool used by Google Search to rank the websites in their search engine results. Google releases many algorithm updates round the year of which, some are major updates. In the last two years, there have been nine major algorithm updates released by Google; the two most recent among them are “Possum” and “Penguin 4.0”.

Today, there are around 150,000,000 active websites on the internet and it is very difficult to check through all the sites to get the suitable information. So, the search engines like Google use complex algorithms or mathematical instructions to do this mammoth task. Google algorithm search out the web pages containing the keywords searched by the internet users and accordingly, assign a rank to every page. And based on that rank, the web pages appear on the SERPs. The SEO consultants across the globe, as well as in India, are aware of the importance of the Google algorithm in the ranking of the web pages, and the major algorithm updates can be very worrying as there are the chances of getting lower ranking positions due to several factors.


It is not a very wise thing to panic after a major algorithm update. Many people try to guess what an update would bring and start worrying about it. Doing last minute changes on the websites is not at all recommended as it could be a waste of work, time, and energy. The wise thing to do is to wait patiently and see what the Google algorithm update has on your website. If your website is properly optimized then the algorithm update may have a positive impact on your website and may even increase your website ranking position.

Changing the algorithm regularly is a way by which, Google encourages the webmasters to create better websites and web contents so that the users may get more useful and relevant information as per their search on the Google search engine. You should patiently wait to see the impact that the algorithm update has made on your website and then, make the suitable changes to make things better.

You can check the Google Webmaster Blog as this may help you to make the changes and modify your website. Those who are doing right SEO do not need to worry about the major algorithm updates. If your website contents are unique, good, interesting, and relevant and if your website is properly optimized, then you do not need to get panicked. Try to know the needs of the users and accordingly, create user-focused contents for your website as this is one of the keys to earning higher ranks in the search engine results pages.


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