Supplementary Tips to Increase your Twitter Following

Nowadays everyone is connected with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The reason of that is people always like to be interacted with social issues. If you are in the field of business you must be one of them because it is very important for a business entrepreneur to be aware of the social facts as it helps understand the practical desire of the current people. But to be highlighted as a business landmark; you must be under surveillance or followed by the common people, i.e. your customers, but how to increase your follower. According to a data of Statistic Brain Twitter is used by 190 million users. So, here are the tons of opportunity to increase your followers. Everyone is trying to do the same in Twitter as it has been considered one of the best social platforms to present the status of own. Here, I am going to discuss some factors which will guide you in the campaign. Just have a look:- 1. First make your Personality: - If you are a businessman you cannot attract people to follow you as an actor or pop star. So, try to launch your presence in such a manner so that people deserve to follow you instead of your competitors. In Twitter there are many advanced features and you must use them to increase your Twitter followers. The basic matter is that you must upload quality and interesting topic instead of your business discussion. 2. Number of Tweets: - A statistics have shown that the people who are involved in frequent tweets, have much followers. If you have 1000 followers by Tweeting once daily, try to increase it into thrice a day to increase fans and followers.

3. Turnover of the Small Business Firms: - Most of the people like to buy product or service from whom they are following. If you are a small scale business owner Twitter will be the best platform for attracting new customers. So, try to a make a better appearance with informative tips of your business to prove that you are better and efficient. 4. Uses of Time Saving Tools: - If you want to tweet and contact your followers on a regular basis you must follow a compact schedule. There are several tools like Hootsuit which can be used as a reminder for the task. The tool is also used for saving time. 5. Twitter Chat: - Frequently business owners and industry related people organize group chats to discuss new aspects and topics. Join these group chats for meeting new people and it will also constitute your presence to a wider range. Some renowned chats #Mediachat, #HBRchat, etc.

6. Contact Existing Fans and Followers: - Your E-mail and Linked In account have certain contacts and followers. On Twitter try to contact them as they are familiar with you. Use the existing contacts to enhance your visibility. 7. Respond to the People who have Liked your Content: - There are some people instead of your contacts who have liked your tweets or content. Always keep in mind the fact that you have to respond them in a better manner, so that in future they will regularly follow you. You have to keep in mind that your followers need more from you. So, do not try to re-tweet only, but add valuable comments relevant to the conversation. Honestly it works. So, give it a try. 8. New Techniques Should be Followed: - To engage more followers the new techniques of better interactions like hashtags, @ and other reference should be used. By using these you will be able to forecast yourself to a wider range of people.

9. Find out you Better Usual Time: - With the glance of modern technology it is not very hard to be connected always. Try to keep your Twitter account under surveillance for almost all the time. This may show the people like your tweets and contents and their timing. So, this is not the matter that you are on bus or car or waiting for your physician, always try to be connected. 10. Twitter Recommendation: - Try to follow the accounts or people recommended by Twitter. In the discover section of the Dashboard there is reference of the people whom you should follow. 11. Follow Users who Follow your Users: - You can make a list of the people who are following your users. Try to contact them. You may do the same by using a low cost and friendly tool named Tweepi. As they are holding similar interests as you have, they may like your tweets. Moreover if you have liked or tweeted anywhere, other people in the queue may be proved as your followers. 12. Twitter Directories: - Not only for the regular tweet and uploading of valuable contents, but you should have to be involved with several Twitter directories. There are diverse opportunities being linked with such directories like gaining of followers, finding people to follow easily and enjoying of Pro-services. Such Twitter categories that may prove beneficial are Twellow, JusttweetIt, Twitter counter, Tweet Find and many more. So, these are all about the Twitter account following. Try to increase your followers by using the above measures. Your opinion will be far resourceful to make the article more fruitful. So, do not forget to leave your comments. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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