The DO’s and DONT’s in the SEO Process

The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring more traffic and a better ranking. As the competition in the world of web is increasing in an emerging way the process has become tougher and time spending, but there is no alternative way. So, you have to be more accurate and advanced with tricks. I have structured this bunch of instruction for a special guide to a better SEO. The DO’s


  • Launch a Better Customized site: - The basic aspect of each and every campaign is an appreciable presentation. So, in case of SEO, the web-site’s presentation and design should be better customized. Along with this there should be a frequent involvement of publishing fresh and professional content that should constitute your better personality.
  •  Better Link Building with Relevant Sites: - There is always a better outcome to walk together as we know. So always try to make links with your relevant business sites. If you use other site’s link ,they may use yours for better reference. So, in case of a local business you must target the local business firms to proceed with them. Here the applicable moral is feathers of bird always flock together.
  • Regular Site Up-Dating: - To experience a better search engine ranking, you must update your site frequently as search engines always appreciate fresh and active participants. An update does not mean the complete changes, but it includes some customized changes to compete the situation.
  • Always make a True Promise: - you are always dependent upon customer’s grievances. If they make positive reviews, there will be a better impact on traffic. A new visitor always relies upon customer’s reviews more than your site’s appearance. So always try to make a gentle promise that can be fulfilled by you and not the absurd ones that are out of your reach.

The DON’T’s


  • Repeated Enrollment in Search Engines: - once a website is indexed with a search engine there is no need of repeated submission. The search engine will operate a regular update automatically. If you enroll the site repeatedly there may be confusion in crawling or the respective site may be banned.
  • Irrelevant Keywords and Meta Tags: - Always avoid keyword stuffing that means excessive or repeated uses of keywords. The structured keywords must be relevant to your service otherwise the brought traffic may have an unsatisfactory concern. In the secret and complex nature of search engine ranking algorithm, it quite hard to determine which keyword is best for ranking. So, you have to analyze the factor first and then you should launch the keywords. You will have the help and a clear idea from my earlier post of keyword research. As the Meta tags are the crawling elements they are to be structured with better care that makes easy for the search engine to find your site on the search results. Moreover do not use irrelevant keywords and Meta tags.
  • Spamming and Black Hat: - Search engines are quite enough to determine spammy sites and they are banned from indexing. There are many sites which are structured with better colors and design, with less quality content and resources.  These sites have a better ranking by using several fatal SEO guides, these are spam sites. Do not make a back link to such spammy sites or you may be penalized by Google. Moreover, you should know better that there will be no compromises if any site plays with the integrity of a search engine.
  • FFA Exchanges: - There are search engine spiders to specify the links which are generated and ranked by paid process. Many site-owners use such tricks like link farms, link exchange or FFA exchanges. Links that are not relevant to the content of a site may lower a site ranking. So instead of getting extra importance on paid link building you must produce quality contents and other effective ways of a better SEO.
Conclusion: - So, these are all about a better and integrated SEO. Try all these measures and must avoid the risky tricks that may hamper your SERP ranking. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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