The New Research Analysis Report of Facebook Based on UK and UAE that Symbolizes the Power of Video Content on the Digital Platform

The New Research Analysis Report of Facebook Based on UK and UAE that Symbolizes the Power of Video Content on the Digital Platform

Marketing and promotion on the digital platform has become a common trend among every business. Engaging customers on the online platform is a very challenging task as on the digital podium everyone is on hurry and if you want to attract the attention of people, you have to do it instantly. This is the reason that most of the digital marketers are trying to opt for a medium of online promotion, which instantly grab the attention of the customers. Many researches and studies have conducted a thorough analysis on the kind of medium to be used for engaging customers on the online platform.

The latest research is conducted by Facebook particularly on UK and UAE to get an overview of the kind of medium to be utilized for engaging customer on the digital podium. The study showed that videos are the best way to engage customers on the online podium. Video contents have the ability to generate more engagement of online users, has the capability to generate better responses, and potential to enhance the brand relationships with the customers. A huge bunch of data reports and research papers are there that outlines the relevance of the video contents in digital marketing.

Video Content

The top digital marketing companies in India believe in the effectiveness of the video contents to reach and engage a wider number of target audiences on the digital podium. The recent release of the research report by Facebook highlights some major considerations to effectively market on the digital platform. The considerations made on the Facebook research, examines the viewer responses to video content as per the five core factors.

The Facebook analysis report highlights the viewer responses to video content by considering the following five core factors.  
  • Smartphones

In this present era, the smartphones are the most utilized gadgets for watching online videos, and so smartphone users are more likely to consume online videos rather than the desktop users.

The smartphone shift is a huge factor in online marketing and so all businesses needs to consider how their websites and content will be displayed on the mobile devices that includes video posts as well. Videos has the capacity to engage more audiences as it customize the information in a audio, video format that enables the audiences to garb the main idea behind the video content, instantly.

The Facebook research has also highlighted that most of the video experts use the vertical formats as this format engages more customers and offers immersive format benefits to the digital marketers. Having a unique presentation format makes video contents the most engaging forms of materials on the digital podium.

  • Novelty

Videos are the popular forms of engagement mediums as they provide novelty through their structures, formats, etc. Videos are more resonant due to the wide utilization of cinemagraphs, GIFs, etc., into them. The nature of the video contents brings novelty into the approach of the digital marketers due to which they engage more customers on the online podium.

  • Binge-watching

Binge watching is a new trend that has emerged in the online video watching system, which the Facebook research has identified. It is a process of viewing videos through a series of video clips. In this way, people unconsciously watch video contents and get engaged into the service of marketers working around in the digital platform.

From a marketing and promotion perspective, this is a very important trend that has emerged on the online platform.    
  • Attention

As per the recent research of Facebook, it is seen that around 77% of online users prefer to watch short-form video contents. The research has highlighted that the video has to be created in a more condensed and concise manner. Watching a video that is more condensed is a very unique way of engaging customers on the digital platform.

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