The Search Engine Giant Google Has Introduced a New Look for the Blog Search Results

The Search Engine Giant Google Has Introduced a New Look for the Blog Search Results In digital marketing, search engines play a vital role. It is due to search engines that a website experiences higher visibility and improved traffic. Out of all, Google is the predominant search engine channel. This is the fact that any changes or update introduced by Google has a direct impact on the online visibility of the business.

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Google quite frequently introduces updates in its algorithms, search engine display patterns, etc. This is the reason why the top digital marketing companies in India remain highly conscious about the updates introduced by Google.

Recently, a change is noticed in the pattern of displaying blog search results by Google. This change is brought out by the latest update of Google on its blog search results displaying pattern. Google now displays the blog search results in carousels pattern and rich list pattern. It implies to the fact, when you search exact search mapping like “digital marketing blogs” then it displays a rich snippet of the blogs list.

Blog Search

From the past few time, it is been noticed that Google is frequently introducing new changes and updates in its search result displaying pattern. Such changes in the displaying pattern of Google search result though will not bring heavy traffic diversion on your blogs but will help you improve your visibility a little better and also enhances your branding among the online users.

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