The Top 5 Guidelines to Improve Your Joomla Website Security

The Top 5 Guidelines to Improve Your Joomla Website Security

The Growing growth of digital media marketing has made it very essential for a business to have eye-catchy and properly customized website. On the digital platform a website plays the role of a mirror. It provides the customers a direct access to the products and services of the business. Through websites, people grab the attention of the potential customers and convert them into lead. This is the reason, when marketing on the digital platform you need to have a properly customized and developed website.

One of best ways to make a website engaging is the utilization of high-quality contents. Content plays a pivotal role on digital media and so people operating their business online use the various content management systems to grab the attention of their target customers effectively. While there are many content management systems, Joomla is the most popular one. Joomla is utilized by more than 68 million times for content management. This is the reason, Joomla is considered as the second most utilized content management platform.

Joomla is basically an open source content management platform that connects your website with MySQLi, MySQL, etc., in order to make content delivery and management convenient. The top digital marketing companies in India consider this platform very effective in reaching the potential customers in the online medium.

Recently, a few many researches made on Joomla has analyzed that this is the second most unworthy content management platform. The reason for this is vulnerable content management system due to misconfiguration, bad hosting practices, and usage of weak codes in third-party extensions.  Considering the popularity of Joomla, it is unacceptable to have these kinds of problems in this content management platform. So, here the top five guidelines are provided that may increase the security levels of Joomla website.

Joomla Security

The Top Five Guidelines to Increase Joomla Website Security Are:
  • Limit Files and Directory Permissions

One of the necessary ways to make the Joomla website more reliable as per the security standards is to restrict incorrect file permissions.  One should only access files and directories that are required. For instance: cache directories, upload, etc. One of the important factors to avoid in this context is the usage of 777 permissions as this allows your files to be viewed and utilized by anyone. Avoiding this is essential, if you want your working on Joomla website experience to be good.

  • Use Undecodable Login Id and Passwords

Another most important security aspect, when utilizing Joomla website is using undecodable details like login Id and passwords. This helps you to secure the site from hackers and make it more reliable for content management.

  • Limit Installing too Many Extensions

Joomla is one of the powerful CMS platform due it’s easy to extend functionalities. The more the platform is effective in reaching the target number of customers, the more it is vulnerable to security breaches. Security problems occur in Joomla due to third party extensions, which fail to follow the best practices. So, it highly required that a limitation is made on the installation of too many extensions into the platform. Taking proper care, when installing extensions in the Joomla website is very important to avoid third-party security breaches.

  • Protection of the Administrator Login

Creating different passwords for administrator login is another very significant way to enhance the security of Joomla website. You can do this by creating an .htaccess file in the administrator directory as described in the Joomla website documentation.

  • Usage of Web Application firewall

A website application Firewall serves the task of filter for HTTP applications. The usage of the website application firewall will provide you the following features, like:

  1. Brute-force attack protection
  2. Backdoor protection
  3. SQL injection protection
  4. And many more

So, if you are utilizing the Joomla platform for the content management task, then consider abiding by the security guidelines of using the Joomla platform.

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