Videos on Facebook-Native versus Third-Party YouTube Videos

Videos on Facebook-Native versus Third-Party YouTube Videos  

In this present era, Social media plays a predominant role in effectively reaching out to a potential number of customers in the shortest possible time. In fact, the social media platforms are the most effective way to engage a huge number of people at a particular point of time. But, for engaging people, one needs to have the appropriate material that attracts the visitor into the site and hold them into the website for a greater period of time.

Today, one of the popular kinds of materials that engage a wide number of people on popular social media sites is visual materials like videos and images. In the recent times, it is widely seen that a great number of people are engaged on the social media platforms like Facebook. However, the kind or variety of video engagement differs from one to another. Nowadays, there has been a huge debate that which form of video, native or third-party video, engages more people on the popular social media platform, Facebook. This debate has let us take a look at the charts and statistics conducted by many researchers for analyzing that which form of media engages more number of people.

Facebook favors native videos

Native videos basically mean videos that are uploaded or created on social media networks and are played in-feed, as opposed to the links hosted by other video sites. This form of video is one of the dominant visual materials on the major social media networks like Facebook. On the other hand, Third-Party videos are video links that are shared on the social media platforms like Facebook. These video links are mostly hosted from other video sources.

These days, as per many studies, it is found that Facebook favors native videos more as compared to Third-Party video at least when compared to YouTube. The study that is referred in this article is the study conducted by a search journal on popular video trends on the social media platforms. This search journal has taken three different Facebook pages with sizeable followings and has observed the type of video uploads on Facebook. The results of the study showed that native videos are more preferred than third-party videos. On the popular social media channel like Facebook, Native videos engage double the number of third-party videos as compared to YouTube. The numbers in this study indicated that on an average, native videos reach 2.04 times more people, getting 2.67 times more shares, 2.38 times more likes, and 7.43 times more comments.

As per the recent study of a popular journal, native videos engage more number of people as compared to third-party videos. The charts and the statistics data has proven results that native video engages 2 x numbers of people on Facebook when compared to Third-party videos. This emphasizes the point that Facebook allows more easy and effective engagement to originally created and uploaded videos then third-party YouTube video sharing.

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