What are the Four Tips to Make Your Mobile Design SEO-Friendly?

What are the Four Tips to Make Your Mobile Design SEO-Friendly?

The 21st century world is experiencing a rapid technological growth leading to the expansion of the digital industry. The huge technological advancement has led to the massive use of the digital medium. Everybody now use the digital platform for social interactions, business ventures, etc. The huge usage of this medium has also boosted the rate of competition among the digital marketers and advertisers. If you want to sustain in this industry, you first need to ensure that your products and services are reaching the target consumers appropriately on the online podium. In order to market on the digital platform efficiently, it is very important that you know the practice of search engine optimization. SEO is a practice of bringing a website into the top rankings of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Making a website SEO-friendly is very important to boost the rate of visitor engagement and generate leads and profits.

These days, the access to the digital platform has become easier like never before. People access the digital platform from their smartphones and mobile phones. This makes it necessary that your mobile remain SEO-friendly. An SEO-friendly mobile search channel will enable greater visitor engagement and conversion rates. To add value to your website or blog, you need to optimize its design efficiently. For enabling efficient mobile design optimization, you should emphasize on making the mobile design SEO-friendly. The top SEO consulting firms in India provide assistance to digital marketers and advertisers for making the mobile design SEO-friendly. Making the mobile design SEO friendly will yield you more visitor engagement, better conversion rates and enhanced ROI. According to Formstack, the average mobile phone conversion rates are around 64% compared to the average conversion rates of desktop. This shows that to beat the digital marketing competition efficiently, one needs to optimize their mobile design for SEO.

Mobile Friendly

For easy optimization of the mobile design, you should follow the following four tips.
  1. Lightning fast page speed

When you are using a mobile device, slower loading time means you are out of the digital race. Nobody wants slow loading time when using a mobile device to access the digital platform. To avoid the problem of slow loading time, you need to lighten the page speed load. For doing this, you need to analyze every image loading speed and compress it when needed. Lightening page speed on mobile help with more conversion and customer satisfaction. If you want your customers to have a smooth experience using a mobile device, then you should lighten your page load time.

  1. Easy navigation design of the mobile

Your mobile design should have an easy navigation system. For that you should adapt a smoother UX design. The more the UX is smoother, the more visitor engagement you will have, which also means better SEO-friendly mobile design.

  1. Titles and meta descriptions

Titles and Meta Descriptions play a huge role in making a mobile design SEO-friendly. Owning to the importance of titles and descriptions, Google has increased the mobile title tags to 78 characters. But, for a smoother mobile experience, you should keep the Meta descriptions short. A well optimized title and Meta description can make your mobile design extremely SEO-friendly. This means you could easily have a SEO-friendly mobile experience by simply optimizing your mobile design titles and Meta descriptions.

  1. Reduced Pop-Ups

Web pages that show intrusive interstitials provide a very poor user experience as per Google. Due to this reason, Google now penalizes businesses with mobile pop-ups that are the part of the January 10 algorithm update.

Because of the small size of mobile screens, search engines see these penalties as imperative to provide better UX for users.

As mobile continues to grow its natural trend towards more users over desktop, having a mobile-first design with SEO at the front position is imperative to success.

The algorithms are rapidly changing that offer a better user experience to mobile users and rewarding sites, which have a SEO-friendly mobile design.

Follow with the tips mentioned-above and keep up-to-date on all search engine algorithm changes.

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