Why Your Business Shouldn’t Spend on Google AdWords Campaign?


In the age of compulsory responsiveness of a website making it fit for multi-channel digital domains, spending on Google AdWords is just a disruptive strategy. What not any big businesses would like to buy your point is for they presume at the very start of their online initiative Google adwords campaign just works magically. The matter of fact is it does work, but there are many enterprises for which this can’t be worthwhile.

Here are 5 reasons why Google adwords campaign may not often fructify desired results. You may review them before you consider getting up on the Google adwords campaign.

Goal of search is not to click on your business: Users take to search engines to find something specific, which means they don’t browse search engine as they do in the instances of Facebook, Twitter, News websites, and so forth. Search engines are the database of intentions where users go to get to specific information exactly quickly. And, the user trust tumbles on everything except on paid ads.


Ignoring Search Engine Marketing: It might cost you dearly. If you ignore SEO, you will lose anything you even don’t know. It is the reason you got to hand out this marketing task to expert SEO Company. Oftentimes, people think doing SEO is an easy job, but what they don’t know is doing a better SEO job is really hard. A strategically well performed SEO job leads to top ranks of SERPs, benefitting visibility and increasing click chances. Running effective AdWords simultaneously is a good decision, because it does solidify the campaign process.

Without right conversion funnel: You may be having a great product and an excellent website fit for giving multi-channel digital experiences. Having them is like having a super-rich ad podium, but blocking their visibility from your potential customers can be like doing harm to your own business. It is only basically blocking conversion funnel, which requires ad text on the site. This ad text has to be on the page where customers tend to land on. Equally important are the checkout or form submission page, which gives customers confidence about your business integrity.

Zero good offers: Take a scenario for example. Suppose you are offering women’s accessories at a price similar to your competitors but you attach a shipping charge while your competitors don’t. Now, say whom of you your buyers will select? It is obvious that any one from among your competitors. Despite your brand being so reputed, it won’t work when your offers are uncompetitive. More terrible situation could be when your competitors are running adwords and that you have to run yours too and spend at least equal amount of dollars to give them a fight. Should you run organic marketing process that is SEO, chances are you could be able to outdo the competition.

Unequal economy: Like your competitors, you mightn’t be having the same economy. In that case, you’re at least one-step backward from your competitors no matter how equally good your offers are. Top of all, your competitors would run the campaign with major keywords for plum searches, which you might lose out due to making choice of low-key keywords. In this case, AdWords will neither be scalable nor profitable for you.

Check out your competition status before taking a decision despite disadvantage adwords and advantage SEO. That SEO or more broadly digital marketing is very effective is undeniable. Worthwhile is asking for experienced SEO consultation. Do you have requirement for it?


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