Zebra Techies Solution Celebrated 12th Year of Successful Business

Zebra Techies Solution Celebrated 12th Year of Successful Business

Celebrating 12 Years of Business Success: ZTS Infotech Private Limited Hosts Dinner to Appreciate its Employees' Contributions to its Growth.

Zebra Techies Solution, a prominent company specializing in digital marketing and website development services, joyously marked its 12th Foundation Day. In recognition of their employees' substantial contributions to the company's growth and success over the years, a lavish dinner party was thrown at JW Marriott as an honorarium.

On this occasion, Mr. Anirban Das, the CEO & MD of Zebra Techies Solution, announced that the company would rebrand itself as ZTS Infotech Private Limited, a change reflecting its vision for growth and commitment to innovation.

"ZTS Infotech Private Limited has achieved remarkable growth over the past twelve years, and this success is wholly attributed to our dedicated workforce," said Mr. Anirban Das - adding a note of pride, "Your consistent diligence and dedication have not gone unnoticed."

The entire Zebra Techies Solution team, along with other senior management personnel, graced the event. Mr. Das articulated with undeniable confidence and poise about the company's remarkable growth over the last 12 years; he further expressed his assuredness that this same team will reach even greater heights in future endeavors through collective effort.

Zebra Techies Solution organized a special award ceremony for employees who contributed significantly to the company's growth and development. These awardees were not just recognized with certificates of appreciation; they also received incentives – all these acts serving as tokens of recognition for their hard work.

Continuing its journey from humble beginnings in 2011, Zebra Techies Solution has evolved from a modest digital marketing and website development services company to a global enterprise. It provides comprehensive 360-degree digital services and SaaS-based products to clients spanning over twenty countries. 

Mr. Das said, "The rebranding to ZTS Infotech Private Limited testifies to our unyielding dedication towards continuous innovation and growth."


About ZTS Infotech Private Limited:

Formerly Zebra Techies Solution, now known as ZTS Infotech Private Limited, is a leading purveyor in the industry of digital marketing and website development services. With over ten years of experience under its belt, the company has burgeoned into an international enterprise, catering for clients worldwide with innovative 360-degree Website Development Services,enterprise-level digital solutions and SaaS-based products. 

For additional details, visit www.ztsindia.com.

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