Are you Confused with SEM and SEO?

You have surely hired an SEO firm for your website, but what about SEM? Are these terms mean same or there are any differences? Is the SEO firm managing both? I have managed this article to fix the confusion about SEO and SEM. It is very important to understand both the processes to gain a better online health.
  • SEO at a Glance
SEO or Search Engine Optimization comprises of both on-page and off-page activities. Basically, it is the effort to place a website at the top of SERP to gain more and more traffic enhancing the business. Nowadays, SEO has become more dynamic as Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithm.

SEO wings: - Mainly there two sides of SEO and both these sides have to be optimized better to gain a better ranking on SERP. Those are i. Off-page Implementation :- Off page SEO has many jobs like A. Creation of high quality and natural back links. B. Social sharing and book marking. C. Surveillance of social signals D. Manage attention from authoritative sites ii. On-page Implementation :- On-page Implementation Includes A. Framing and incorporation of keywords B. Keyword integration in title tags, Meta descriptions and header tags. C. Google authorship. D. Managing of page speed. E. SEO supported clean URL framing. F. Integration of social sharing buttons for contents. G. Optimization of page content and blog posts.
  • SEM at a Glance
Now, SEM includes whole the process of marketing tactics that are used to expose a website on the SERP in a better way. So, now you can better understand that SEO is a part of SEM. Besides that Search engine marketing includes PPC listing and paid search marketing, advertisements, etc. It also includes social media marketing. At a glance it is combined term of online marketing.

Now, you must be thinking if both are not same what to choose for better result? Many experts have a debate of selecting both. According to, my own experience Organic SEO is far better and fruitful and without this effort SEM cannot be implemented. On the other hand, there are also the necessities of SEM. To implement SEO it is a great matter of time. Suppose you have launched a new website and you need immediate exposure and in this case PPC marketing will help you better than organic SEO, but for a long-term campaign you should go with SEO and nothing else. With a long-term SEO effort you can better establish your website than using SEM. So, it always depends upon your need which marketing strategy is better for you, SEO or SEM?
  • Conclusion
So now it is very clear to choose your own marketing strategy. What do you think? Which one is stronger? The social media has placed dynamic outcomes of marketing. Do not forget to leave your valuable comments to make this article more resourceful.

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