More SEO Guide for Designers in 2015

When I have carried out a conversation, I was quite stunt that most of the people cannot understand the relation between SEO and designers. Even some of them do not convey the essentiality of SEO. That is the reason I have prepared this SEO guide for designers with a hope that it should bring some lights on the matter. The very common gaps that are left by developers and designers have been pointed out here. It should be a panacea for the developers to get a better optimization for the search engines. • Necessity of Learning about SEO If your site is not determined properly by the search engines and it is not attractive an appreciable traffic, you must have to optimize your site. Otherwise, there will be no mean of business. Not only for the marketers, but it is indispensable for the designers and developers also. You have to better organize your SEO structure as this is the only way to forecast your site except back link referrals. • Know how the Search Engine Works Google and Yahoo, the two famous search engines are based on crawling. Both have an installed program called web spider or web crawler. This web crawler generally finds the information of the web pages and stores them as an index. It also collects the inbound and outbound links. The database is the archive of the search queries of the users. Whenever anyone is opting for a search, the index will be there to match most relevant content to show the respective user. The result on the search page is determined by the ranking algorithm. If your sites pages and contents are well understood by the algorithm then it will be fine. Otherwise, you have to refine your sites resources with a better keyword research. • The Basics of a Search Engine Optimizer A SEO job has two basic aspects. Those are on page and off page optimization. The search engines have their own algorithms and a better impact on such algorithms can have a better search position or ranking. On page optimization includes HTML coding Link building, Keyword targeting, etc. While off page optimization work is comprised of the calculation of back links or how many people prefer your site. • Some Easy Mistakes Made by Designers and Developers 1. Non-Detectable Flash Menus: - Many of the developers and designers use better animated flash menus. It will be appreciated by the users, but how it will be possible if they cannot find you. Such menus are not captured by the search engines and the link will be remaining undiscovered. 2. Splash Page: - This is the issue of a homepage. A flash page is generally placed at the very beginning of a site or on the home-page. Such kinds of splash pages are not discovered by the spider to follow the link. Your web site is the very important ranking factor. Using a splash page at the beginning, your internal pages will not be linked with the search engine. 3.Extreme Usage of Ajax: - If you are using Ajax feature for a better navigational purpose, you will lost visibility. Ajax is a dynamic loaded feature and that is the reason that it will not be treated by the spider. 4.Image and Flash content: - Most of the developers embed some valuable texts using image or flash content. The spider always determines the text. So, this will have a least outcome for SEO. 5.Different Version of Theme Design: - If you have used different version of theme designs, you may lose back links. Using theme design into sub-link folders there will be a bad impact on main root location. 6.Title Tag Mistakes: - Many developers use same title tag on each page of the site. This is not right. It seems like that there is the same content on each page. All the pages of a site must carry a unique title tag targeting the keywords. Many designers use long tailed title and that is not appreciable. You have only 65 characters to express the headline. If you are saying the same thing for several times, there is nothing to gain remarks. Do not use the keywords repeatedly in the title tag or content. 7.Weird URLs: - A friendly URL is better for both the users and search engine. Try to follow the in-built feature of structuring of URLs and do not forget to place the keywords into that. 8. Alt attribute for the Images: - The search engine is totally blind and he cannot discover the images. You must put the images description in the alt attribute to make understand the search engine what the image is about. On the landing pages there should be keyword rich alt image tag. • Some Additional Tips for General SEO 1.Do not Forget Audience: - At the initial stage you have to operate a research what the visitors are interested in. For the same you can go for a keyword research. There are many keyword research tools like Google keyword tool that will help you understand the visitors demand. 2.Launch a Better Internal Linking: - If you want to make visible all the pages of your site you must use the site map and the search engine will do the rest. In this concern it has to keep on mind that you have used relevant linking text. 3.Everything must have a Sense and Relevancy: - I have mentioned above a lot of things like Spider, crawling, title tag and many more. Whenever you are going to implement anything you must think about the sense and relevancy of the same that will be better understood by the visitors. 4.Think about keyword density: - Except using the keywords in a repeated manner, you must be sure that you have placed the important words in the desirable places. Otherwise, everything will be in vain. The remarkable places where to place the keywords are :-
  • Page URL
  • On the main headline
  • Title tag
  • At the first paragraph of the content.
  • At least three times within the body
There is no issue to use repeatedly the same words within a same page. Most of the people prefer to use keyword density at the rate of 2%. Another matter is that you may be penalized for overusing of keywords. 5. W3C Validation: - You have to check the web site design is either W3C verified or not. The task is very simple. There is an online tool to check the status of the same. There are other several tools and resources for designing and to get a clear idea. You may review them all. 6. Mobile Friendliness: - At present mobile suitability is an important factor for a site’s success. People are improving fast and they need the search results on an instant basis. They are using smart phones and tablets for the search process. Your graphic design should be suitable to view on a mobile screen and the responsibility totally relies upon the designer and developer. • Measure your Search Result Position 1.With page rank: - Most of the people use page rank response to determine the site’s performance and most of them are not. There is no doubt that it is a measure to determine the site’s position and besides that you can know about the fact how Google treats your site. 2.Be Patient and Give Importance for Domain Age: - If a domain is quite aged and has a good historical background, it will be better entertained by the search engines. Besides that you have to patient about the optimization process. It takes more time to structure a design and more and more time for the designers to launch the same. So, you have to keep patient on the process and your site will have a sure success. • More Resources to help you better There are many resources and online tools that should help you guide in the processes. I have also mentioned all those for better convenience. You must have a look:- i. Webmaster Tool: - You must be aware of this tool. Using this you will be able to discover the crawling status of your site along with more stats. There are several guides to use the tool in a better way. Just have look

  • HTTP errors
  • 404 not found errors
  • External link counts
  • What keywords are effective
  • Top search queries to your site
ii. Free SEO Tools: - There are many free SEO tools online for the designers. Using these tools there will be a clear image of page rank, external links, keyword density and search engine position. iii. SEO Resources: - Here are some links from where you can learn more about SEO. Try these links. Conclusion: - So, these are all about the basics of SEO especially for the designers and developers. If you have not practiced yet all these, there is no time to waste. You must start the campaign right now. Do not forget to leave your response.

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