Sometimes Smarter Techniques Prove a Dumb SEO

SEO is a dynamic process and web site developers are adopting diverse techniques to meet more and more success, but are they all effectual? No. There are several issues related to each and every step. I have mentioned here some common steps taken by the web site developers those are practically dumb and has less positive outcome. Let us have a look. i. Creating Lots of Sites Many companies use different websites for different products to specify the product or service detail with more information about the same. In B2B services it has been frequently observed. I have consulted with one of the developers who have managed 90 sites of a single business regarding several products. Reasons: - The developers simply think if a single site is good for a site then many web sites will be better. Especially these practices are made to gain more traffic and business. Outcome: - Many sites of the same name may arise a little bit confusion. Besides that if a single business have more sites for different products, all those are must be interlinked. This is a great opportunity for the spammers to make you down. There also a risk of duplicate content issue. What you should do: - It will be better to have a single site and all other site should be linked with the same using 301 redirect. This will bring the focus on the major site more specifically. If you are on B2B or B2C, try to manage a single and unique web site instead of using many. If you wish to use many sites, it is recommended to use under the same domain. ii. Linking to Article Directories There was a time when marketers use article directories on the similar sites like Ezine. Such articles generally have connections with the service and product. This practice has been still continued.

Reason: - Marketers think that there will be more exposure and high ranking gaining such directory link as such sites have earlier proved a great way of exposure.  Outcome: - The present status is quite different. Such directory links like Ezine have lost the place and lack the authority on the web. Linking to such directories may hamper your position and a cause of illegitimacy. What you should do: - Instead of using such directories, you may use high profile site for blog posting. Make back-links relevant to your site. This will be a cause of better ranking and more traffic. iii. Using Single Content Marketing Strategy Single content marketing strategy actually means of distributing the same content using several tricks. There are many blog selling sites where blogs are placed for exposure. Another thing is usage of blogging software. These softwares are used to change the pattern or structure of the same content and also to spread them on different aged blog hosting sites. Reasons: - The reason is very common and that is to gain more traffic and exposure with less effort. Outcome: - Suppose an aged or high ranked site has stopped operating. This site will be brought to an auction for blog selling. Basically these types of blog selling sites are not legit or authenticated on the web. So, there will be nothing but only the chances of spam. If you have created a quality content, it will be distributed on these low quality blogs. If you have created a low quality content, in the same way it will be distributed on the same blogs. You better know what the status will be after producing such thin or low quality content. The result will be nothing but Google will slap you. Besides that the usages of software is also least effective. Since, Google panda has started working since 2012; all these autonomous operations are easily detectable. What you should do: - The only way to better exposure and appreciable ranking is to choose reputed sites that have high SERP. If you start as a guest blogger, your content will be evaluated first. If your content is really rich with information and infographics, it will be placed on the respective blog. In this way you will get more potential visitors and organic ranking. The back links from such reputed sites will also help you better ranking. Besides that the emergence of social media is also important in the factor. If you can make an instance of your product or service, more people will be engaged practically. Nowadays it has been proved that there is not a better way of exposure instead of social media. iv. Excessive Tracking Codes, Scripts and Plug-ins on the Home Page To track several activities and user interactions many javascript snippets are used. Using such snippets or plug-ins on the home page data is collected for processing and reporting.

Reasons: - Most of the companies especially the digital marketing companies use such tracking code to get the user interactions, analytics and the overall site’s performance. Outcome: - There are no issues of using such tracking codes or plug-ins because these are essential to determine the website’s health. The problem is created using these tracking codes in an excessive manner. The first impact of this excessive use is the reduction of site speed. This slow loading can prove an unsatisfactory manner for the users and will surely reduce the traffic. What you should do: - Always try to choose light weight tracking codes. In case of specifying the plug-ins you should be careful about the site speed. Over weight of plug-ins will surely reduce the page loading speed. v. Optimizing Anchor Text Anchor text optimization generally refers to the inclusion of targeted keywords in the anchor text. Reason: - There is a faith and rumor that inclusion of keywords in the anchor text will help the destination rank higher, but practically it does not work. Outcome: - Webmaster tools quality guidelines have clearly stated that this is a spam technique and the same has been supported by different algorithm updates like penguin and manual penalties. So, one has to be more careful while framing an anchor text. What you should do: - The important names like your company name or business URL are most important links. So, while framing anchor text you better use whole the sentence instead of using only the keyword. vi. Usage of Sitewide Footer Links This tactics is generally used by the companies who have subsidies or own multiple websites. In this process there is link placed at the footer and that is always active for sending high volume of links to the receiving site.

Reason: - The reason behind this is very simple. If in such way a site gets more outbound links then why not? But is it effective? Outcome: - This type of link building can be dangerous. Sitewide links are the source of misbalancing factors in the link profile. What you should do: - If you are determined to use sitewide footer links, you must use branded anchors. Besides that there must be appropriateness of using such links and references. vii. Targeting the Same Group of People It is very common that most of the marketers choose the online community relevant to the respective product or service. The strategy is very simple. First, there must be an online active community and the bloggers will be requested to blog about the same business. In return there will be certain rewards for the bloggers may be goods or services. Reason: - Many businesses are involved with the process as this is an easier way to get exposure and popularity of brand. It may also attract the potential blog readers to join in a contest or giveaway. Outcome: - If you are using this practice in a limited manner then there are no issues. If you are using the same vividly then there will be a chance of Goggle penalty. This is like demography. If you are targeting the same types of blogger sites or communities, you will reach to the same group of bloggers after a certain gap. What you should do: - If you are making such practices, be sure that you are not reaching to the same bloggers on a repeated manner. Besides that there are no reasons to rely solely upon this blogger targeting. You must practices the same frequently on a limited manner. So, these are all about the traditional techniques that may prove dumb and no outcome of your SEO effort. This article will be more resourceful by your valuable opinions. So, do not forget to leave your comments. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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