Frame Efficient Keywords to Gain Better Mobile Search Visibility

If you have a website, most of the success depends upon your keywords because these are the keywords that help Google to find your site after a consideration that the site has search relevant resources. So, this is an important matter for SEO. Time has totally changed and now a lot of metrics have been included in the keyword research strategies including the mobile search. In fact mobile suitability is now a major ranking factor according to Google’s algorithm update.  So, you have to think for both now a mobile devices as well as a desktop screen. Here are some valuable steps that help you frame some effective keywords for both mobile and a desktop screen. You should go through the article and think for some better achievement. A keyboard and a mobile keypad have many differences and the most significant ones are different size and flexibility of typing. So, it is evident that a user searching on desktop may use a lengthy keyword while operating the same search on mobile device the keyword should be least words. What is the reason? It is the same reason that has been included at the beginning. It is all about the flexibility of typing. Recently Google has announced that in almost 10 countries smart phone users have exceeded the number of desktop users. There is no doubt that this is a symbol of utilization advanced technology. Now what about the online marketers? They definitely have to understand the difference. If they proceed with the keywords used on the desktop screen, there will be no fruitful result in case of a mobile search.
  • Reduce Keyword Length for Mobile Search: - It is the most common user behavior that a mobile keypad always put least words on the screen for a search. For an example a search keyword like “How to manage car maintenance” will turn into like “Car issues fixing” in case of mobile search. So, if you are targeting the mobile users keyword length is the key factor to get a place on SERP.
  • Think about the Regional Language and Culture: - On a mobile search users are in search of a local result in most of the cases. So, it is obvious they can use regional language or pronunciation that may differ from rest of the world. To gain better visibilities on mobile search enrich your keywords with local terms that are often used on mobile screen by the local users.
  • Make stress on Local Services and Issues: - A mobile search is generally operated on the street, in a car or at coffee table. More precisely mobile users need local and instant result. If you are offering tours and travel business, enrich your keywords with local services. Suppose, in case of hiring a cab what will be the nearest support? A user will always opt for the closer points for solution. Use such aspects while framing keywords for a better mobile search visibility.
  • Miss Spelt Words or Pronunciation: - A mobile is a tiny device and it is truly hard to place a keyword according to proper spelling. So, if you can make a place on SERP in case of miss spelt keywords, there will be a better opportunity to gain traffic. Your competitors may be using the right key phrases, but you are using the reverse motto. If you are offering “Pizza”, the search keyword may be as “Piza”. To response equally for both searches, there is the need of better optimization of keywords.
  • Pick up Some Relevant Topics that Define Your Business: - Suppose you are running a real estate firm. Now you have to find out the common issues that are often used by the users. In this case I will suggest thinking like a user. Using some relevant keywords for those topics in your content you are helping Google finding your site easily. There will be a better exposure followed by increasing traffic that lead you more business and a better ranking on SERP. Some popular real estate terms may be like “Strategies for buying property”, “Efficiency real estate agent”, “How to find luxury condos”, “real estate market analysis” etc.
  • Incorporation of Proper Keywords: - Now whenever users are searching for such real estate topics they are using some keywords relevant to the same field. So, you have to use your selected keywords in content according to the effective guidelines. You have to more aware while framing such keyword as keyword length varies in case of mobile search or desktop search. Moreover you have find out the specific terms often used by the searchers. In case of a real estate firm the key terms may include like
                                       i. Real estate property                                       ii. Luxury condos                                       iii. Realtors                                       iv. Real estate agent                                       v. Buying property                                      vi. Selling property                                     vii. Real estate deal                                     viii. Property deal Use such keywords to increase visibility and more traffic.
  • Related Search Terms: - This is an advanced strategy of framing keywords. If you are little bit confused about your keywords or how much efficient your key word is, just go to and type the same. There will be an auto generated result provided by Google having same and relevant key terms. This is a popular and easy measure of finding keywords that are often used by the users.
  • Use Mixing of Head Term and Long Tailed Keywords: - There is no basic difference with the meaning and the difference comes with the keyword structure. Head term keywords are the generic form or a precise phrases whereas long tailed keywords are the elaborate forms of the same phrase. Suppose a user is searching about the blogging process. In this case the search term may be simply “Blogging” or “How to write a blog post?” In this concern I want to suggest using both as a mixed up. As a result there will be no miss in case of head term search or a long keyword search.
Generally long term or tailed keywords are used for more specific search. In case of long tailed keywords it is easier to place a result, but in this case your site should include the answer. If you have place such specific queries and answers make sure about the forecast using such long tailed keywords, but in case of mobile search it is recommended to use the head terms like “blogging” as these types of keywords are often used on mobile.
  • Analyze the Keywords Used by Your Competitors: - If your competitors are getting higher ranking using similar keywords, you may get a better guidance from the same to frame high trafficking keywords.
If your competitors are using the same keywords as you are using, there is no doubt that you also deserve the higher ranking. Try to find out the other relevant terms used by your competitors to gain such ranking. Like the balance between head terms and long tailed keywords, you should try to maintain the same balance between the high ranked keywords and unrealistic terms. It will help to chase the future challenges of SEO.
  • Use Keyword Framing Tools: - There are several online tools available online and among them some are paid while the rest are free. These tools will not only help you framing new keywords, but they will provide a complete stat of the present status .i.e. the result of the existing keywords. In case of PPC marketing and mobile ads such keyword research is highly indispensable.
Among those I can mention the names of Google adwords keyword planner and Google trends. In ad words campaign a better keyword is necessary and using this keyword tools will bring more CTR based keywords. Google trend will clearly define you the keywords that are up raising in the market as well those also that are getting traditional. So, you must use such online tools after mixing your key terms to check their efficiency. Conclusion: - So, these are the most efficient tricks of 2015 that will help you guide framing most efficient keywords. Do not forget to leave your comments what you think about the evolution of keyword making. Your opinion will make this article more compact and resourceful. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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