Picking more Fruits from your most Important Landing Pages

Avoid Taking One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

As you know landing pages are the basic impression of your business, so it is very evident that visitors settle your marks from this approach. Most of the marketers press extra stress over these landing pages, but there are many factors related with the same? If your landing pages are not productive to meet the goals, do not be worried. I have managed this article to help you out. Have a check.

The task of optimization starts with two strategies and those are:-

  • Modification of landing page’s title tag.

  • Consider the pages those are ranking for modified versions

Now, the common problem or you can say dilemma faced by the website owners as well as to choose for the marketers is to specify the pages those have to be optimized. The two common questions are:-

  • Where should I start?

  • Which pages should I choose for optimization?

  • What about the pages those are already bringing valuable traffic?

The single point solution is hidden under. Try to analyze the article and you will find the easier ways to get the answers.

1. Evaluate your Current Position:-

To start the optimization process, it is very important to evaluate where you are standing at present. The first target will be pages those are linked in the navigation bar. These are the pages those are usually clicked by the visitors. You may have left some gaps with them, like lacking of promotional push or less attractive for high trafficking. So, these are the important optimization candidates.

Next, you have to proceed with the page resources and that is content. Try to specify the contents those are getting place on the second page of SERP. These pages may get the top positions, but they need optimization.

These pages will not be specified by Google analytics or other free tools. So, you need a little effort to get these candidates.

2. Specify the Fruitful Pages and Check the Resources:-

Now, you have to explore the valuable pages those are bringing high traffic. It will help you know what the visitors are seeking for. You will get the trend and later it will be easy to think better for the candidate pages.

3. Resources that bring heavy Traffic and High Ranking:-

The task is not over after specifying the resourceful pages, but now you have to examine the resources. This resource does not mean only the content, but it includes the overall impression of a respective site. It may be a matter of design, graphics or digital content, it is very clear that such pages have the power to attract more visitors as well as high ranking.

Before starting the optimization process, keep these two factors always in the mind.

  • If the changes will bring any negative impact or not?

  • What are the opportunities to get optimized?

There are two possible tools that you will find the answers.

Competitive Keyword Tools: - Such tools will help exploring about what keywords are ranking well for a specific page. The tool like SEM rush can show the stat of terms that a page is ranking for.

Google Search Analytics Report: - Similarly one can use search analytics report to get the same information. You can get Clicks, impressions, CTR or position using this report.

4. Using Keyword Tool Run the URLs

There are some keyword planning tool like Google keyword planner using those you can find new terms that can bring higher ranking and better position on SERP. You must not evolve around the existing keywords, but try to find out something new using efficient keyword research tricks.

5. Regular Updates of the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Framing great title tags is always valuable for better optimization, besides that you must not forget about framing some compelling Meta description. A better title tag is the key source of attraction and an informative Meta description will better constitute your page details. There are many references available, so it is not a tough job. You can use some free tools like:-

6. Use Variable Content Types

Content is not about write up or text only, but a digital content like video, image or power point presentation can express better. There is no doubt that such colorful additions always are the added attractions, but the most important thing is that such inclusion of digital contents increase readability and the power of understanding.

7. Use Variable and Attractive Anchors for Internal Linking

You can easily increase the spread link equity to some weaker pages by making interactions with the pages those ranking high and experiencing better traffic. In this way you can take the advantage of the important pages and the weaker pages will get the boost. Efficient anchor texts will increase user’s interest to visit the linked pages.

8. Get Google Suggest Data for more Indication

If you are confused about the primary topic or title tag of a specific page, you can use the Google suggestion, but how? It is as easy as your lunch. First, put the search term in the Google search box, and try to analyze the results and respective pages on SERP. In this way you can explore the latest and trendy topics those are demanding and desired by the users. If you are selling women accessories, you can use the term “buy handbags online”. The tools like UberSuggest can provide you the long lists of popular key terms and topics.

9. Use Social Channel for Promoting the Pages

Social sharing can easily share a thought to the millions. If your content is resourceful and worthy for the readers, specify a better social platform to explore it. Uses will read and share them that will bring additional boost for ranking and traffic. It may be a paid promotion or Facebook share, try to be linked with social media.

10. Launch Some Customized Offer for the Visitors

This will help bring your goals in an assured way. To start this optimization you have to find the search terms that are bring visitors to specific pages. This will help you understand about the demand and wish of the users. Now, you have to make some exciting and customized offer that cannot be overlapped by the users.

If the search term includes “Buy” or “buying”, you may offer some discounts on an instant purchase. If the search term includes reviews or price comparison strategies, you may offer some guide and statics on the specific page. It will be a better sign of user satisfaction achieving your goal.

Conclusion: - So, these are all about the boosting of landing pages of your website. Make sure that you or not demoralizing the current status, but all the efforts is to improve the status and more traffic. Think better and start the optimization. Do not forget to place your valuable responses.


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